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Cylindrical Sweeping and
Scrubbing Brushes

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Brush fill material for scrubbing 
 full fill high density
There two types of scrubbing brushes: Cylindrical and Disk. All scrubbing brushes have a full-fill bristle pattern and are trimmed to a short length. These features provide excellent coverage of the floor surface with the appropriate stiffness for effective scrubbing.

Nylon is used for gentle scrubbing in light soil conditions, and is the typical choice for decorative type floors.

Poly works best for general scrubbing in medium soil conditions. Poly is often used on concrete or coated floors in industrial facilities. Poly is the most common choice for overall general purpose scrubbing

Abrasive Bristle is recommended for scrubbing in very heavy conditions with impacted or built-up soil. Abrasive bristle brushes are chosen to scrub very rough surfaces including asphalt or rough concrete.

Stiff Poly

Stiff Poly is similar to Poly but with a heavier-gauge bristle that makes it slightly more aggressive.

non-scuff poly for scrubbingNon-scuff Poly
A lighter-gauge poly used for lighter duty scrubbing conditions and finished floors.

Nylon for scrubbing
Nylon softens when wet, so it is used for gentle scrubbing, mopping or polishing of decorative floors. A good choice to use on tile, terrazzo or coated surface.

Abrasive bristle for scrubbing
Abrasive Bristle
Moisture-resistant nylon filament impregnated with silicon carbide grit. Very effective for grinding away heavy buildups and stripping floor finish.

Super Abrasive

Similar to standard Abrasive, but with larger-diameter filament and heavier grit for additional aggressiveness.

Union Mix

Most gentle brush fill for light scrubbing or buffing of decorative type floors.