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Brush fill material for sweeping


Good sweeping performance either indoors or outdoors, including environments with dampness or high humidity. Not recommended for very high temperature applications. Proex is a blend of 3 different diameter polypropylenes to provide excellent all purpose sweeping.  

Excellent wear life, but less aggressive and performs less well in conditions with moisture or high humidity. Often nylon is used on rough surfaces or high-temperature environments because of its toughness and long wear characteristics.

Natural Fiber

Excellent material for dust control and sweeping fine debris, but has a relatively shorter wear life than other materials.  

Crinkle Wire

Special purpose fill material for applications needing only the scraping action of thin wire.  Recommended use for applications with very compacted soil and little dust. The wire alone does not provide effective dust control.

Proex & Wire

Proex gives this brush good general-purpose sweeping ability, while the wire provides a light cutting action for impacted dirt or mud very popular fill material because of its cleaning aggressiveness and multi application versatility.

Fiber and Wire for sweepingFiber & Wire

Compared to Proex & Wire, the Fiber & Wire provides better dust control but has a shorter wear life.
Flat Wire

Used only on side sweeping brushes, and typically for outdoors. This material is very aggressive, which makes it good for digging debris away from the edges of buildings and curbs.