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             Getting the most out of your new brush

BRUSH ADJUSTMENTS: We love selling brushes, but we want to see you get the most out of your purchase. The following tips will assure you of this.

ROTATION: This is one of the most overlooked tips. Ideally, you should remove your brush after 20 hours of sweeping and turn it end for end (if your model permits this) to keep the bristles from bending too far in one direction. An effective brush is one that has maximum flicking action and rotation will help your bristles maintain the greatest degree of flicking.

DOWN PRESSURE (Burning a Pattern): Start up your machine and lower your spinning brush onto a smooth surface. Spin the brush in place for about 30 seconds, lift it and pull forward. Now observe the pattern your brush has “burned” into the pavement. It should be a perfect rectangle the length of your main broom. If it is not perfect your brush is mis-aligned and should be adjusted. (Refer to your owners manual.)

If it is perfect check the width of the pattern. The pattern width should be adjusted to around 2” wide to start. You may be able to go less if the surface you are sweeping is flat and smooth and may have to go more if you are sweeping a very rough surface. The pattern should not exceed 4”; otherwise you are wasting your brush.

Avoid sweeping with your brush in the “float” position, because it is very easy to forget you set it there and you could easily wear out a new brush in one day sweeping this way.

Do not park your sweeper with the brush down, it will cause a flat spot that will lead to excessive vibration.

Always store your brushes in their boxes in the upright position for the same reason as above. We take great care by shipping your main brushes in six sided boxes to protect the bristle shape if they are laid down in transit, but you should store them upright for greatest protection against bristle damage.