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Brush selection guide

             Including Brush Configurations and Tips for longer wear 

Cylinder and Side Brushes 
The 6 or 8 Double Row (DR) is the most popular brush fill pattern for main sweeping brushes. In this fill pattern, the rows of bristles pick up fine debris while the empty spaces in between the rows trap bulkier litter. The DR pattern is a good choice because it gives good performance on both fine and bulky debris. 
Full Fill Brushes are designed for use in applications that have fine debris but not a lot of litter. The dense pattern of these brushes makes them effective for trapping sand and dust.

Our Patrol Brush is designed specifically for high-speed sweeping. This pattern has fewer rows with wider spaces in-between, which enables it to more effectively grab bulky litter at accelerated sweeping speeds. This brush is excellent for maintenance sweeping of large areas such as parking lots. .
Side brooms also known as side brushes or curb brooms have bristles flaring out around the edge of the brush. Side brooms reach into corners and against curbs, throwing debris out in front of the sweeper to be picked up by the main broom. Side Sweep brushes are made of Nylon, Poly and Flat Wire.