Liberty Cylinder Sweeping Brushes are built with a wide range of highest quality bristle materials on the market. Bristles are staple set on high-density tubes that are custom designed to be exceptionally straight, consistent tube thickness to be vibration-free. Tubes are fit with drive notches, splines, or drive hubs to match OEM floor machine specifications.

The Right Brush for Your Floor Machine

Liberty maintains an up-to-date list of brush designs to fit to fit popular sweepers and scrubbers. Enter your Brand Name and Model Number at top of the page to find the Liberty Brush that fits. Click here to enter your machine brand and model.

Nylon is as aggressive as Proex but stronger with longer brush life. Choose nylon when sweeping rough surfaces or high temperature soils. When used in wet or high humidity areas, nylon can soften and lose some sweeping ability. In wet tasks, Proex is preferred. Medium aggressiveness. Longest broom bristle life. Cylindrical brushes use drive notches, drive hubs or molded splines…
This blend of 3 different polypropylene filament sizes provides excellent all-purpose sweeping, indoors or out. Proex is preferred for high humidity sweeping because bristles will not soften when wet. Proex is not recommended for sweeping high-temperature debris because the filament can soften or melt. In high-temperature jobs, nylon is preferred. Medium aggressiveness. Long brush life.
The crinkled wire provides light cutting action while the Proex bristles lift and sweep the soils. Ideal for sweeping compacted dirt and dried mud. High aggressiveness, Medium brush life, Wear gloves when handling wire brushes. Cylindrical brushes use drive notches, drive hubs or molded splines for your connection to your sweeper or scrubber.
This combination is great for sweeping dry, dusty floors with compacted soils. Crinkled wire scrapes and lifts the hard soils while the natural fibers sweep. Natural fibers control dusts better than Proex, but have a shorter brush life. Natural fibers can also soften when wet, so they’re not recommended for use in wet or high humidity areas – use Proex
Side brooms are used on larger floor sweepers that work close to walls and gutters, and to increase the sweeping path. Brooms are built to match machine OEM specifications with 2 or 3 rows of bristle in 6” to 10” lengths. Bristles are nylon, poly, polyester and flat wire. Bristled are stuffed and staple set in plastic or plywood block.