180 Grit Abrasive Nylon Bristle Cylindrical Scrub Brush (Set of 2)

A soft (.022”) nylon filament that is extruded with a fine 180 grade silicon-carbide grit. Designed for lightest duty soft finish floors. The stiff bristles are very effective on very rough surfaces like asphalt and worn concrete.

Low aggressiveness. Brush life depends on the surface being scrubbed and rougher surfaces mean shorter brush life.

Available in several sizes to fit your machine.

Statement here comparing 180 grit with poly and nylon

Use Nylon Scrub for the full range of floor/soil types;
Vinyl tile, Terrazzo, Ceramic tile, Quarry tile, Linoleum, Non-slip epoxy.

Not recommended for vinyl, linoleum, non-slip epoxy raised disc scrubber, tile or marble.

The Right Brush for Your Machine
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