Carpet Scrub Brush - Nylon 030 White / 020 Black Bristle

Use for shampoo cleaning of low nap carpets. This brush block is built with two bristle sizes. White outer bristle rows scrub and carry weight of buffer. Black inner row bristles create detergent suds. Nylon is longer life but higher cost than nylon.
1-3/4″ bristles. The brush block is molded with shower feed holes and 5″ centerhole for Liberty clutch plates (order separately). 10″- 21″ block size.

Rotary brushes are sized and named by the diameter of brush block and are typically 2″ smaller than the size of your rotary buffer. For example,  a 17″ buffer uses a 15″ brush. If you need help in finding brush size, click on “Find Your Machine” or contact Liberty Customer Service.

Please select your desired brush and mounting hardware below.  If you do not see the mounting hardware you need, click here for our comprehensive list.  Liberty will assemble your brush with its’ specific hardware. 

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