Polypropylene - Non-Scuff

Polypropylene – Non-Scuff
The smaller diameter poly bristle brush is used for light-duty scrubbing of waxed and finished floors.
Very low aggressiveness. Designed for high-finished floors. Long brush life on smooth floors.

machine brand/model

Drive Design

Cylindrical brushes use drive notches, drive ears or molded splines for your connection to your sweeper or scrubber.

Abrasive Bristle Brush Tips
Liberty’s silicon carbide grit is impregnated into the nylon filament at the point of extrusion making it part of the bristle.
The grit size is paired with the filament diameter for optimum strength and aggression. If grit is too large for the filament, the bristle can be weak and break. If the grit is too small for the filament, it will be buried in the bristle and the brush will have less scrubbing power.

Brush Tubes
Cylinder brushes sweep at high rotating speed and often with exceptionally heavy down pressure. Liberty uses a strong, lightweight polymer tube that is true, round and balanced to be vibration free. Tubes have consistent wall thickness to insure strong, long-lasting brush mount.

The Right Brush for Your Machine
Liberty maintains an up-to-date list of brush designs to fit to fit popular sweepers and scrubbers. Enter your Brand Name and Model Number at top of the page to find the Liberty Brush that fits. Click here to enter your machine brand and model.